absolute trust in the power of a good song to reach the audience. M Mike Davies, July 2006 Emma Hill and her Gentlemen Callers - Meet Me At The Moon (Kuskokwim) Adding her band's name above the title, the Oregon-based Alaskan returns with a fairly swift follow up to 2009's Clumsy Seduction, a further 14 tracks of rootsy. That, as she says mixing her metaphors, is the way the cookie bounces. What she's singing about is how 'this season should happen year round' and that any ordinary day could be a 'holy night'. The songs in between the instrumental selections are without exception high points. What difference does it make? As Peter himself admits, he was "stumbling under the guidance of instinct as much as conscious innovation although "many of the moves (he) made at this time were to prove pivotal in (his) later development". Totally owning the material, they transform it beyond recognition without ever once suggesting a hint of kitsch and once again proving that a good song is a good song however you choose to frame. A cursory or first listen reveals these boys to have absorbed a wider slew of influences even than the Carters and the Ramones in putting together their heady mix of oldtime-with-attitude; the opener is a charming and atmospheric number, Sun's Work Undone, replete with well-judged. Kevin does, however, get to play the classic "listening tune" Da Silver Bow and as a solo piece. They've gone for evergreens for the non-originals, a risky proposition but clearly one designed to show they've not lost their inspiration when it comes to arrangements and interpretations. It's been a good year for music. " chumbawamba tubthumping (song. He's apparently busy working on a follow. Either way though, what you have here are two fine examples of an artist who has finally found the way to the centre of his voice and music and the confidence to give it expression.

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