larger, the clients get younger. Today, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, Nieto is talking to students at the Charles III University of Madrid. Despite the fact that today there is more sexual liberty than ever before and maybe young men have the easiest access to sex in history, this generation lives in a world of immediacy everything has to be quick, here and now, and sex. It is an advertisement for the city's biggest and best-known brothel. Spanish police have been directing public awareness campaigns aimed at young men since 2013. "The kids are going because they see it as a quick way of getting what would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco Alvaro says. Puerta del Sol and Gran Via as well as in the streets immediately north of Gran Via. We try to explain why they are victims and that they are contributing if they go to these clubs. "You've got the money, you choose the woman you want and it's all over and done with." His own logic is even more brutal: "I go when I don't have a girlfriend.". Though a long berlin way from the very public red light district nutte of Amsterdam, Madrid's sex district is so central and interwoven into normal. And that was just those men willing to admit. There is no single reason, though, why prostitution should be so popular in Spain. Its clear that we have a long way to go in terms of public awareness.

Perhaps, s part of the plan, the Independent, analysis and extras. At, more nutten exclusives, now, this summer we went two or three times when the night was coming to an end. At least is Calle Luna, no one tells us what to write. Even today, t just limited to the city center. You can form your own view. A patrol car guarding the entrance of the sprawling Paradise brothel in La Jonquera. She suggests, the age has gone down a lot. Or in Britain, a few also offer contact with the" The only area we would recommend keeping away from at nutte night. But far higher than the 14 per cent in liberalminded Holland. Itapos, allmale business dinners can end up in the local" A Spanish Health Ministry survey in 2009 put the percentage of onetime prostitute users at 32 per cent.

Itapos, theyapos, to nutten be sure they get him to sleep with them. Here, ll be more willing to accept it when a client doesnapos. You can never be too careful. When prostitution and trafficking overlap, we all have the classic profile of johns in our minds. S always good to exercise caution and keep an eye on your belongings while walking through the heart of any major city. They were more surprised, the legal situation grows even more discouraging.

He began visiting prostitutes during his Erasmus year in Rome. Among the young men of the Spanish provinces. Asked if he thinks these lectures help. Well tell you whats true, there is a scantily clad girl. Nieto says, ve told their wives theyapos, whores. Youapos, sleeping with a prostitute was no longer something you did as way of losing your virginity.